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Samantha Page

Updated: May 22, 2020

While in the youth group under Jeff Montgomery, Samantha went on several week-long domestic mission trips. Those weeks were a time of great personal growth. After graduating from high school, Samantha realized she wanted to work in missions rather than go to college. She attended the LEAD Internship at Bethany Global University (BGU) and then returned to Tidewater to work with young children.

After returning from BGU, Samantha interned at EY2S for our first summer of mission in 2016. She saw firsthand the impact our ministry has had from the beginning on the student missionaries and the surrounding community. After stepping away for a year, the Lord drew her back to EY2S in the summer of 2018 to be the kitchen manager.

After realizing that EY2S was where the Lord had called her, Samantha changed her major to Creative Writing to assist in her work as Director of Communications and joined EY2S as a part-time staff member while continuing to finish her degree. As Director of Communications, Samantha is in charge of our social media, website, and blog, telling the story of what the Lord is doing through EY2S.

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