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When we open the paper in the morning and read about the city of Norfolk, Virginia, we get a glimpse of a growing and thriving economy.  Big headlines catch our attention, sharing stories of growth and change. Norfolk is located next to one of the largest ship repair facilities in the country, home to Eastern Virginia Medical School, the Hampton Roads Admirals, and new businesses thriving in the multimillion-dollar Waterside development.  But, on the next page, we see a city beset with challenges. What does EY2S see that others don’t? We see the hope of Christ. We see young kids created by the Creator that need love, direction, leadership, opportunity, discipleship, and more.  We see an opportunity, as the Apostle Paul illustrated in his epistles, to apply head knowledge of scripture, and Biblical principles of love, joy, peace, and reconciliation within the inner city.

$500 Group Deposit + 


All of our summer 2022 weeks in Norfolk are currently taken.


Want us to let you know when a week opens up?

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EY2S Weekly Summer Mission Schedule



Day 1

Your trip begins with ice-breaker games, pizza, staff introductions, schedule layout, and ends with an ice cream social.


Rise & Shine

Day 2-Day 6

The breakfast team reports to the kitchen at 6 am with an EY2S leader to prepare breakfast for the entire team.


Breakfast with God

Day 2-Day 6

Each missionary is given a study guide to help them navigate and experience a personal relationship with God.


Circle Up

Day 2-Day 5

EY2S leaders provide instructions for the day, answer questions. We pray together and load up to travel to the worksite.



Day 2-Day 5

Missionaries learn to use power tools, build decks, replace doors, and more. Midway in the day, work pauses for prayer walks.


Free Time

Day 2-Day 6

We encourage youth to be intentional about building relationships with one another while taking time to recharge.



Day 2-Day 5

Missionaries use their spiritual gifts to share the gospel with ~60 youth at Young Terrace Rec Center 


Breaking Bread

Day 2-Day 6

Missionaries have the chance to seek guidance for their personal struggles. Boys and girls are separated for this activity.


Bible Study

Day 2-Day 6

EY2S leaders and missionaries explore biblical truths and lead missionaries through relevant topics that affect their lives.


Reflection Ceremony

Day 2-Day 6

Youth share with the group how they saw someone being Christ-like during the day by saying: “I saw Christ in you today when..."

SamanthaBaptism-26 (1).jpg

Reward Day

Day 6

After a great week of missions, missionaries are given an opportunity to unwind and spend time together. 



Day 7

We hope that EY2S has impacted your youth; helping them realize the importance of missions and how to practically live the gospel.

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