Empowering Youth 2 Serve

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Our mission is to impact youth for God's glory through equipping them to be leaders who are the hands and feet of Jesus

Our Core Values



We believe that we can do nothing apart from God. We pray because God is active and involved in the lives of His people, and delights in our prayers.

John 15:5


The Bible

God’s Word is truthful, trustworthy, and useful for us today. In every page He has laid out his great story of salvation, drawing us to Him.

2 Timothy 3:16



God has intentionally planned to accomplish His purposes. We seek to emulate that intentionality by always using everyday moments as an opportunity to go deeper in the gospel.

Philippians 1:6



The Lord has always used relationships to build His kingdom-think of Jesus and His disciples. Jesus, the shepherd that goes after the one lost sheep, has called us to build relationships to do the same.


Matthew 28:18

John 15:12 



Nothing that happens in the dark will remain hidden from the light. So we seek to live honestly; being accountable to God's high standard of holiness.

1 John 1:5-7

Our Key Verse

2 Peter 1:3

Seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.



Our Vision

One teen, one youth group, one neighborhood, one city, influencing a nation.

We believe that using our gospel-driven staff to influence youth to know God and to make Him known, will raise a generation of youth who reject passivity and serve the lost and broken with intentionality like Jesus Christ. These youth will transform not only our home city of Norfolk, but in the future, cities nationwide with the gospel.

Meet the Team

Jeff Montgomery

Jeffrey Montgomery was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He spent most of his career working in the Navy. In 2004, Jeff was in a severe motorcycle accident that changed his life. While devastating, the accident led him to begin seeking Christ. Jeff came to know the Lord a couple of years later.


Jeff has a huge and compassionate heart for the lost of the world. His passion is to mentor people, but especially youth. Through his work in the Chosen Ministry and Urban Discovery Ministries, Jeff has sought to impact people for Christ all across the city of Norfolk.


As Youth Leader at Grace Community Church, he led the youth on several domestic mission trips, but his heart longed to help students begin missionary service right in their own city. Jeff was led by the Lord to found EY2S in 2015. His purpose: to inspire and enable all youth, created by the Creator, to know the Lord and to serve Him.

Jeff was ordained as a pastor in 2018. He is married to his wife Anita and has two daughters and one granddaughter.

Sam Doster

Samuel Doster grew up in Morganton, NC. He came to know the Lord in his later teen years and he has a great passion for Jesus Christ. With an Associates in Arts degree from Western Piedmont Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia International University where he majored in Bible and minored in Psychology, Sam's passion is to minister to children.


The opportunity to speak into the lives of youth, encouraging them and sharing the gospel with them is something he loves. Sam has spent two summers in Romania, joining a missionary and his staff, helping to bring the gospel to different parts of that country. He has worked over two years in an afterschool program where he lived in Morganton with a semester at the student ministries of his church that he attended through his college years at Columbia International University in Columbia, SC.

Sam is now working full time for EY2S as the Operations Manager and looks forward to seeing how the Lord uses this ministry for His glory because he has seen first-hand how the Lord has impacted the lives of youth through this ministry and also it gives him a platform to reach a city in need of the gospel.

Samantha Page

While in youth group under Jeff Montgomery, Samantha went on several week-long domestic mission trips. Those weeks were a time of great personal growth. After graduating from high school, Samantha realized she wanted to work in missions rather than go to college. She attended the LEAD Internship at Bethany Global University (BGU) and then returned to Tidewater to work with young children.


After returning from BGU, Samantha interned at EY2S for our first summer of mission in 2016. She saw firsthand the impact our ministry has had from the beginning on the student missionaries and the surrounding community. After stepping away for a year, the Lord drew her back to EY2S in the summer of 2018 to be the kitchen manager.


After realizing that EY2S was where the Lord had called her, Samantha changed her major to Creative Writing to assist in her work as Director of Communications and joined EY2S as a part-time staff member while continuing to finish her degree. As Director of Communications, Samantha is in charge of our social media, website, and blog, telling the story of what the Lord is doing through EY2S.

Emily Sobel

Emily has been on several short-term mission trips. In 2014 she went to El Salvador and had an amazing experience. But while serving on several EY2S mission trips, Emily realized the personal difference EY2S makes. Year after year we serve in the same community, building relationships and sharing the gospel. So when Jeff asked her to join our staff, Emily jumped at the opportunity.


Emily is serving as our Director of Logistics. As a part of that, she will be developing our kitchen rules and procedures, planning our menu, and purchasing food supplies. She also will be managing our inventory of tools, as well as developing and selling our merchandise.


In addition, Emily is a leader in her youth group at Grace Community Church and assists the worship team on Sunday through projecting song lyrics. She is looking to start college in the fall of 2019 majoring in graphic design. Emily has always enjoyed working on the computer and has been interested in learning to code. She loves to read and play with her cats.

Lydia Dowdell

Lydia Dowdell was born in Naples, Italy, but has lived most of her life in Virginia Beach. For Lydia, music has always been important. She is involved in choir and sings on her church worship team. She was also a part of a local 12-person acapella group called Soli Deo that performs at local hospitals and the Salvation Army.


After graduating high school, Lydia participated in her first EY2S mission trip. This trip changed the trajectory of her life. Lydia connected with the children at Young Terrace Recreation Center and was devastated to leave them by the week’s end. It was then she realized the power of missions, not just in her life, but in the lives of her youth group and the children at Young Terrace.


Lydia has served as an EY2S summer trip leader and is in training to become a site leader. Lydia took a semester break from her studies at Liberty University to serve the Lord at EY2S, while discovering her calling. As Director of Development, Lydia is in charge of developing and putting together our study book and our VBS curriculum.

Miguel Vargas

Miguel grew up going to church and youth group, but it wasn't until his sophomore year of high school, when he realized that to be a Christian means more than just making a verbal profession. It means living for Christ as central to his life, rather than just a title.

His first mission trip at 11 years old to Pauley Island, South Carolina was when Miguel first understood his love for missions. He found that, through his flaws, he could relate to people and help youth grow in their faith, because he once stood in their shoes. Miguel has a huge passion to share with students that anywhere can be their mission field. 


Miguel loves EY2S because it is a good place to be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. EY2S offers him a place to be challenged in leadership responsibility and a place to work with people that he cares about. Miguel serves with Sam and Miriam by volunteering at Young Terrace Recreation Center and will start training for the site-leader position. He is also a leader in his youth group at Grace Community Church, teaching the lesson for the high school students

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Miriam Dryden

Miriam was raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She loves the Lord and has a huge heart for worship, loving people, and prayer. If there was a word to describe Miriam, it is joy. She is a joy to be with and she habitually has an attitude of joy. 

Miriam came with her youth group on an EY2S mission trip in the summer of 2017 and she fell in love with the ministry. Since then, she has gone on two more EY2S mission trips. She loves this ministry because not only do kids get the opportunity to serve the Lord, but EY2S empowers youth to learn how to do things themselves. By having the younger kids take risks and be challenged, they feel that they can grow to depend on the Lord and their youth group community.

Miriam is working with EY2S part-time. Her current focus is on discipling girls. As a part of that, Miriam volunteers with us at Young Terrace Recreation Center and is building relationships with the kids in the afterschool program there.