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Lydia Dowdell

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Lydia Dowdell was born in Naples, Italy, but has lived most of her life in Virginia Beach. For Lydia, music has always been important. She is involved in choir and sings on her church worship team. She was also a part of a local 12-person acapella group called Soli Deo that performs at local hospitals and the Salvation Army.

After graduating high school, Lydia participated in her first EY2S mission trip. This trip changed the trajectory of her life. Lydia connected with the children at Young Terrace Recreation Center and was devastated to leave them by the week’s end. It was then she realized the power of missions, not just in her life, but in the lives of her youth group and the children at Young Terrace.

Lydia has served as an EY2S summer trip leader and a site leader. Lydia took a semester break from her studies at Liberty University to serve the Lord at EY2S, while discovering her calling. As Director of Development, Lydia is in charge of developing and putting together our study book and our VBS curriculum. Currently, Lydia is studying abroad in Israel, learning Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic.

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