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Krystal Mizzelle

Updated: May 29, 2020

Krystal grew up not fully understanding what it meant to follow Christ. After her husband got horribly sick, she realized that life is truly short. His health crisis prompted a change in her heart to draw her the Lord and she became a Christian at 19. Her mother-in-law's support and her Christ-centered wisdom helped Krystal to grow during this difficult time.

Krystal was drawn to EY2S through the relational side of our mission. She looks forward to not only growing and encouraging all kids created by the Creator, but she looks forward to being able to learn from them as well. As a natural nurturer, Krystal does not want to sit idly by while kids are going through the motions of faith. Rather, she wants to be able to reach them now, help them grow, and speak into the lives of nonbelievers about the living faith that has restored her life.

Krystal is currently working with our partners three times a week at the Now You're Cooking Studio and Buffalow Family & Friends where she helps them make and pack 165-200 meals. She is also partnering with Samantha to start a middle school and high school girls Bible Study in the fall. In the coming weeks, Krystal will continue to expand her role and she gets comfortable with her work at EY2S but she is all-in and is passionate about what we are doing.

Krystal is married to Jeremiah and has a little baby boy, Kayden.

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