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Melinda Luchun

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Melinda Luchun has experience working in various afterschool programs and community networks. She started work as a Neighborhood Development Specialist in Norfolk but now is working in the city’s Office of Communication after her previous department was eliminated. Through her experience working with the city, she has seen the value of different ways to help people.

Melinda has been drawn to EY2S because of how ministry can go beyond what the government does and meets the needs of the whole person, including their spiritual needs. Her passion is Christian community development, which perfectly aligns with our core value of relationships.

Melinda will serve as our Director of Finance. A part of her role is organizing all of our records and receipts from the last five years so that we can become more efficient in our finances and be able to plan and budget more effectively. Another part of her role is to apply for grants and guide us in compliance with federal requirements for funding.

Melinda is married to Pastor Jeff Luchun of Norview Baptist Church, and they are raising three talented boys: Kenan, Eliam, and Judah.

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