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Tessa's Gift (Matt. 6:33)

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 
Matthew 6:33

Tessa's Gift (Matt. 6:33) is is a program that enables all youth created by the Creator to go on the mission field without having to worry about the cost. ​

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Tessa Nelson

In January of 2021, Tessa Nelson passed away very suddenly. We met and bonded with Tessa when she came on an EY2S mission trip in 2019 with her youth group.  

Tessa was a beautiful soul. She loved to laugh and bring joy to others. She loved the Lord deeply and was eager to learn and grow more in Him. Her favorite color was green. She ran track, danced point in the ballet, and loved animals fiercely.

Throughout her time on her EY2S mission trip, she encouraged our leaders, brightened the day of our staff, cared for her youth group, and poured out her love on the kids at VBS Bible time.

We are saddened to lose Tessa, but we are grateful for the small bit of time we got to spend with her and for the impact she made on this ministry. We rest in the fact that she is with the Lord, but we wish for more days with her. 

In her honor and memory, EY2S renamed Matthew 6:33 after her. Now called Tessa's Gift, the program's mission remains the same

One of Tessa's takeaways from her EY2S trip was journaling, which came from our Breakfast with God books. Her journals were part of what helped her to grow in her relationship with God.


We want more kids to grow in the Lord like Tessa. Kids that have not had an opportunity like this before.  

What Tessa's Gift Does

Since our foundation, EY2S has seen kids who have the heart to serve the Lord but are limited by finances. We are committed to keeping the price of our mission trips low so that more kids can afford to go. Still, we do not want money to ever stand in the way of a child who wants to go on one of our trips. This where Tessa's Gift comes in.

All funds raised by the Tessa's Gift Program, go directly to a youth who wants to go on the mission field and cannot afford to do so. 

The students that we select for the program will serve in various community projects throughout the area as a way to pay it forward. Not only will your donation help fund their mission trip, but you will empower a child to step outside their comfort zone and serve others.  


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