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Jeffrey Montgomery

Jeffrey Montgomery was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He spent most of his career working in the Navy. In 2004, Jeff was in a severe motorcycle accident that changed his life. While devastating, the accident led him to begin seeking Christ. Jeff came to know the Lord a couple of years later.

Jeff has a huge and compassionate heart for the lost of the world. His passion is to mentor people, but especially youth. Through his work in the Chosen Ministry and Urban Discovery Ministries, Jeff has sought to impact people for Christ all across the city of Norfolk.

As Youth Leader at Grace Community Church, he led the youth on several domestic mission trips, but his heart longed to help students begin missionary service right in their own city. Jeff was led by the Lord to found EY2S in 2015. His purpose: to inspire and enable all youth, created by the Creator, to know the Lord and to serve Him.

Jeff was ordained as a pastor in 2018. He is married to his wife Anita and has two daughters and one granddaughter.

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