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Summer 2023: Week 6 Avalon Hills Bible Church

Week 6 was our last week of the summer with a group of student missionaries. This summer went by fast! We ended with the youth group from Avalon Hills Bible Church. Because Avalon is a local youth group, these students got to do missions in their own communities and backyards, and several of them have been coming on trips for years! The team made the 15 minute drive down the road on Sunday afternoon and got right into fellowshipping and having fun!

Monday morning we got right into our Breakfast with God hour of personal devotions, the students spreading out throughout the church to get some time with Jesus!

We continued with our worksites from the previous week, working at the mission house and with Heath and Megan. We've also been working at the house of a family from Grace Community Church. Ms. Vida lost her husband this spring. The students went over to bless her and her children with some backyard remodeling. They fixed up the old gazebo and started to build a walkway from the house to the gazebo for her son. We also went to P.B. Young Elementary to help the teachers and staff get ready for the fast approaching school year!

We had our last week of VBS at the Rec Center this week. The kids had a blast with all the different stations. The storytime crew this week focused on Jesus' amazing power, talking about the healing at the pool, the healing of the blind man, and the story of Zaccheus.

One of the most special parts of the week happened on Thursday. Jeff took most of the team over to a local nursing home. The students sang worship songs and shared parts of their testimonies with the residents. It was a very beautiful time. Thank you Avalon students for loving and serving so selflessly! What a wonderful way to close out our summer! See you all next year!

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