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World Christian Week 2019

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Last week we were blessed to be a part of World Christian Week at Columbia International University (CIU) in South Carolina. EY2S CEO Jeff Montgomery and Director of Operations Sam Doster stayed in Columbia February 25th through the 27th to meet with students and discuss EY2S as a ministry opportunity for them.

World Christian Week is a time for CIU students to connect with ministries and discover short- and long-term mission opportunities and internships. The topic this year was “Compassion in Missions.” It is also a time of worship, prayer, study, and discovery of how the Lord is working around the world.

Overall, 39 students indicated that they were interested in hearing more about EY2S, the work that we are doing in Norfolk and Jamaica, and potentially serving with us in the summer. Jeff and Sam spoke to a high school and a college class and connected with two couples, one ministering in Jordan and the other with Enrich Missions in Nicaragua. We are so thankful for these new relationships and for the time of fellowship we had with everyone at Columbia International University.

Moving forward, we are now in the process of reaching out to those we met in Columbia in order to shape our summer staff for 2019. As we are getting closer to June and the our next summer of missions, we are developing roles and plans to shape EY2S. As our organization grows, we want to fill it with passionate people ready to live and lead in the gospel. Please be praying that they Lord will lead those who He wants to be in leadership at EY2S to come to our ministry.

This post has information taken from CIU website. See:

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