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Equipping teens to be Jesus' hands & feet

in America's Inner Cities

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Daily in the inner city, hurting people are struggling to make ends meet. The lack of economic opportunities creates a constant battle against hopelessness. Many feel like outsiders to mainstream culture. These people are our neighbors, but how often do we treat them with worth and dignity?


Good people are doing great work now to bring hope to their community. A crucial support network built on programs and relationships is working bridge the wealth gap.


But the truth is, only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring radical change in a person or a neighborhood.

EY2S is a Norfolk-based, inner-city focused, mission organization designed to equip young people to see (and meet) the need next to them. When students are equipped with the love of Christ and practical tools the inner-city is radically changed. When we send them home, they are too.


And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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The Blog

As we engage in domestic, cross-cultural ministry, we want to teach young people to do the work of the Kingdom, with an intentional, hands-on approach. Working together to engage communities who are near us, but culturally distinct from us, builds the faith of young people. EY2S works to train and inspire people of every socio-economic background to take responsibility for their part of God’s harvest.


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