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Week 2 - Grace Community and Norview Baptist

For our second week of missions, EY2S had the privilege of hosting another combined group. This time we had students from Grace Community Church, Norview Baptist Church, and from the community in Fairmont, NC. It was a wonderful week of service, community, and growth in the Lord.

One of the special privileges of this week was EY2S got to utilize our Tessa’s Gift Program to bring 3 students from the community on the trip for free. Tessa’s Gift (formerly the Matt 6:33 Program) is a fund designated to send to the mission field all students created by the Creator who want to go. For more information, click here.

This week our worksite projects included more landscaping, putting up shelves and organizing the garage, building another ax-throwing board, sanding floors, and continuing to work in the chapel. The students worked with great joy. They stepped out of their comfort zones, used new tools, and prayed over the camp throughout their time. Over the past two weeks, the student volunteers have been an immense blessing to Camp 4 Heroes, which in turn blesses their community. That’s always the model of EY2S, not just helping, but helping with a purpose. The people and groups we come alongside are always reaching out to others.

For our outreach, the students once again held a pop-up VBS on Thursday morning, which turned out amazing. They spent Monday preparing for it and building backpacks and lunch bags to give away. Tuesday and Wednesday we went out into the community again, handing out bagged lunches and VBS flyers, and picking up trash.

Something very special happened Wednesday night. Tutyer Xiong, one of our leaders for this summer, gave his testimony after our evening Bible time. All of the students gathered in the chapel to listen as Tut shared about his life, God’s work, and the invitation offered in the sacrifice of Christ. As he shared, the Holy Spirit moved, and the Lord caused 9 different students to choose that night to fully commit their lives to Christ. All glory to God! Join us in praying for their continued growth in the faith.

The last thing I want to share about this week was the amazing sense of fellowship that occurs within the body of Christ. Although this week’s students were a combination of several different churches and groups, their unity was clearly seen. From an outside perspective, there was no difference or separation between the groups. They melded instantly and served alongside one another. They encouraged and lifted one another up. Christ shone through them in their unity and communion together. This past week was such a beautiful time and we want to give all glory to God for working through all of it!

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