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Miguel Vargas

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Miguel grew up going to church and youth group, but it wasn't until his sophomore year of high school when he realized that being a Christian means more than just making a verbal profession. It means living for Christ as central to his life, rather than just a title.

His first mission trip at 11 years old to Pauley Island, South Carolina was when Miguel first understood his love for missions. He found that, through his flaws, he could relate to people and help youth grow in their faith because he once stood in their shoes. Miguel has a huge passion to share with students that anywhere can be their mission field.

Miguel loves EY2S because it is an excellent place to be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. EY2S offers him a place to be challenged in leadership responsibility and a place to work with people that he cares about. Miguel serves with Sam by volunteering at Young Terrace Recreation Center and will start training for the site-leader and Director of Operations position. He is also a leader in his youth group at Grace Community Church, teaching the lesson for the high school students.

Miguel recently preached at Grace Community Church on Psalm 115:1. We were blown away by the depth of his study and were blessed by it, and we think you will be too! His sermon starts at 28:32

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