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Samuel Doster

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Samuel Doster grew up in Morganton, NC. He came to know the Lord in his later teen years and he has a great passion for Jesus Christ. With an Associate in Arts degree from Western Piedmont Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia International University where he majored in Bible and minored in Psychology, Sam's passion is to minister to children.

The opportunity to speak into the lives of youth, encouraging them, and sharing the gospel with them is something he loves. Sam has spent two summers in Romania, joining a missionary and his staff, helping to bring the gospel to different parts of that country. He has worked over two years in an afterschool program where he lived in Morganton with a semester at the student ministries of his church that he attended through his college years at Columbia International University in Columbia, SC.

Sam worked as our Operations Manager but has decided to take time off to pursue the Lord's calling for him to attend graduate school in North Carolina. He continues to serve on a volunteer advisory basis, providing wisdom from his extensive time of service.

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