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Summer 2022: Week 4 Peninsula Community Chapel

Week four was our first week of missions back in Norfolk this summer. It was so wonderful to see some of our partners and the people who we have known for years.

The group of students this week were from Penisula Community Chapel. This group has been coming on trips since 2019, even managing to still come in 2020 with certain safety precautions. Every year they bring great excitement, passion, and joy, and this year was no different. Every morning they dove into the word of God with great excitement. Their dedication to spending time with God reflected out into the rest of the week.

Our work projects in Norfolk range all over the place. On Monday the whole group went to a neighborhood near Norview to serve two different families who live next to each other.

Mrs. Karen and her husband have been friends of our ministry for years now. The team power-washed their house, cleaned up the back yard, and did some landscaping in the front.

Next door to Mrs. Karen, live Mr. William and his wife Mrs. Rose. They allowed us into their yard to take down an old rickety shed. The students had a great time interacting with Mr. William as he worked alongside them. And all of the teams took time every day to go on a prayer walk throughout the neighborhood.

Tuesday through Thursday a group of students also went to P.B. Young elementary to help the teachers and staff prepare for the coming school year. We have partnered with P.B. Young a lot over the past couple years and it is always a privilege to support those amazing teachers. The students helped clean classrooms and walls to welcome the students back this fall.

Our community outreach in Norfolk is a VBS at the Huntersville Rec Center. Years ago, we used to do a VBS at the Youngs Terrace Rec Center, which was shut down in the past couple years. However, Ms. Foye, who used to run the Youngs Terrace Center, was moved to Huntersville. And she called us and invited us in again. Thank you Ms. Foye; we love you!

The students split into teams and planned out three days of VBS with crafts, games, music, and a Bible story. They did a great job and the children had an amazing time! Thanks for a great week PCC!

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