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Summer 2022: Week 5 Avalon

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Avalon Bible Church has been coming on EY2S trips since there were EY2S trips to go on. This year a number of their graduating seniors came back for their last trip. Some of these students were there the first year of EY2S missions. How cool is that?!

The students rolled into Norview Baptist full of excitement and anticipation. Even though most of them know what to expect by now, they are still joyful. The next morning, they dove into their Bible studies with dedication.

Our worksites were the same ones from week 4. The students served Ms. Karen and her husband and Mr. William and his wife. They cleaned out the rest of the shed that was taken down the previous week. They helped with any last landscaping needs. And they prayed over the community. They also spent some time painting the shed behind Norview Baptist.

On Tuesday through Thursday, some of them went back to P.B. Young Elementary to take down the bulletin boards, help the teachers sort through books, and reorganize the storage. The students had a great time, and the teachers and staff felt very loved. Thanks again P.B. Young for letting us come by!

Our community outreach was back in the Huntersville Rec Center, where the students hosted week two of Vacation Bible School. This week, the story time crew told the story of Joseph, splitting his adventures up over the three days to add suspense to the story. After they acted out the story, often the children would act it out too! They had some strong opinions about Joseph and his brothers!

We ended the week with a fun day at the beach and a final group Bible study on the Armor of God. As these students head off to college and their normal lives, we will continue praying for them and challenging them to live out their faith. Thanks Avalon!

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