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Norfolk, VA

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

When we open the paper in the morning and read about the city of Norfolk, Virginia we get a glimpse of a growing and thriving economy.  Big headliners that catch our attention that everything is growing and change is happening. Norfolk is located next to one of the largest ship repair facilities in the country, home to Eastern Virginia Medical School, the Hampton Roads Admirals and new businesses thriving in the multimillion-dollar waterside development.  But, but on the next page, we see a city filled with crime, countless murders, run-down housing projects, and underfunded support facilities that give little consideration to the thousands of lives that inhabit its community.  What does EY2S see that others don’t?  We see the hope of Christ.  We see young kids created by the creator that need love, direction, leadership, discipleship, and opportunity and the list goes on.  We see an opportunity like the Apostle Paul illustrated in his epistles to turn head knowledge of scripture into application and an opportunity to actively apply biblical principles of love, joy, peace and reconciliation within the inner city.

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